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All certificates 1.000. 121 and higher are the new Soaring Hearts&Arrows cut with a vertical faceted girdle (64 facet vertical girlde, 4 girdle facets per crown, just like H&A natural diamonds), which is also noted on the certificate. The new Soaring Hearts&Arrows gems are richer in appearance due to quite new nanometric polishing process. The arrows are closer to the usual H&A diamond style to maximize the fire and brilliance plus angles were uniquely developed by using the world´s best modeling software to maximize the fire and brilliance. Newly, GIA Research will measure Amora gem´s dispersion index (Fire).This value is the measure of how much white light passing through the crystal is split into it’s spectral colors and thus producing the desired ‘colored flashes’ or fire in a gem.

No. Moissanite is 6H polytype; 6H polytype can not achieve colorlessness. Amora gem is a different polytype with optically different properties compared to moissanite. The specific gravity of both moissanite and Amora will be  the same because they are both composed of 50/50 Silicon and Carbon.  It’s their structure that  is different, not the atomic composition. It’s like diamond and graphite – both are made of 100% carbon, but based on how the carbon atoms are arranged they are very different crystals.

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Import duty & taxes for Gemstones and jewellery

Import to country MFN duty rate Sales tax
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Do I need to pay 21% VAT if I live out of the European Union?
No, but Each country has different import policies and taxes for loose gems or jewelry. This tax is paid by the customer when the shipment is received and is not included in the purchasing price.

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Yes, you will receive original gem certificate with it´s properties.


Amora Gem is a true ‘forever’ gem that you will pass down to your children. However, for Amora Gem to look it’s best, you have to ensure no buildup of grease, lotion, hard water, etc. that otherwise creates a layer between you and the Amora Gem. In general Amora may be cleaned just like diamond but here are some general tips:
1 – Weekly cleaning – an overnight soak in a solution of warm water and hand dishwashing soap will help to break up resident grease. While diamond is very attracted to grease, fortunately Amora Gem is not so your Amora can stay more sparkly between cleanings since grease (skin oil, lotion, etc.) will not buildup as rapidly. Regardless a once a week overnight soak will prevent longer term build up and keep your Amora looking great.
2 – Hard water buildup – occassional cleaning – We recommend a periodic soak in a solution of warm water and 1/4 to 1/2 vinegar to combat and remo-ve hard water buildup.

Most water contains calcium which will deposit like barnacles onto most gemstones over time. As a ring is run under water, even when towel dry-ing, water will evaporate but leave behind the calcium carbonate (limestone) that will begin to build up on your gem. This can create a whitish haze layer and/or a rainbow effect in some cases, but in all cases reduces the optics of the gemstone. Worse, the buildup often occurs underneath the prongs where it can’t be towel dried, and that layer can begin to impart color to the stone. Vinegar is acidic, and thus attacks the base PH of calcium carbonate and removes it.
One caution – vinegar can attack weld joints to some degree, so for rings with weld joints you will want to minimize how long the ring itself so-aks. Thus standing the ring upside down with a solution just high enough to cover your gem will keep the ring weld (commonly at the junction of the prongs and ring shank) out of the solution.

We guarantee a 100% refund to our customers if they do not like the gem.
Only transport and banking fees will be deducted from the total amount (USD 100/150,- both). We strive to provide our customers with the best possible individual care to satisfy all their wishes and make their dreams come true. If, however, you do not like our product for some reason, we are pleased to offer our customers a 21 day (from the day you received the shipment) return policy on your purchase. We´ll refund the full amount to you within a short time period (10-15 business days)

We have created a chart, which should help you get a better imagination about the gem pricing.

1CT. F color / VS clarity Amora gems cost 628.95USD


No, Amora gems with 9.5 hardness do not need a warranty (similarly like diamonds).

The Amora gem is heat resistant up to 2850°C  (diamond about 900°C)


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